What Is Makalia Clothes Shop?

About the Makalia Clothes Shop 

Makalia's (pronounced Mah-Kah-Lee-Uh) slogan is "Producing Confidence" because Makalia Clothes Shop produces clothing that encourages women to feel confident and empowered. The clothes shop's first collection consists of three womens fitted t shirts to show that women can look good in t-shirts wherever they're going. Objectifying women is becoming less socially acceptable and even though there is still progress that needs to be made, Makalia supports the changes that are occurring because it creates a better world for generations to come. 

Makalia is focused on producing great quality casual wear for women at a reasonable price because we do not believe that quality should be sacrificed for affordability. Makalia is about casual wear for women being worn with any outfit because women balance multiple roles and go from place to place everyday. We're focused on women feeling comfortable and empowered when they wear our clothes.