Scoop Neck T Shirt Providing Comfort and Style

womens tshirts usually consists of one color and graphics (hence the name "Graphic Tees"), which is why they are not appropriate for the workplace and they are not worn to places where you want to look your best. Makalia is focused on producing scoop neck tshirt womens that can be worn with professional, formal and fun outfits.

Our scoop neck tshirt womens are designed to fit the body so that you feel comfortable and we do not use graphics so that our scoop neck tshirt womens can be worn to professional places like the workplace. When you wear our scoop neck tshirt, you will feel comfortable and confident.

Our first collection consists of three womens tshirts to show that tshirts can be worn with any outfit. The T-Shirts are priced between $23-$27 because if they were under $20, they would be "basic tees" and we don't produce basic tees.

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Fiercely Professional Scoop Neck T Shirt

Scoop Neck T Shirt for women focused on flexibility

Effortlessly Bold Scoop Neck T Shirt

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The Name Of the Clothes Shop Is Derived From My Roots.

I grew up in the African-American and Igbo Culture, I got the best of both worlds. I was raised to be proud of where I come from and I appreciate that because my roots are part of my makeup. My pride for my roots shows in the name of my clothes shop. I always knew that I would give my clothes shop an Igbo name, it was either that or I name it after myself. 

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